Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Final decisions still pending

We leave for Guatemala in less than two months...yeah! We've been in touch with the airlines and are working on nailing down prices and exact dates, but we've got our fingers crossed for July 19 to August 21.

We're still in the process of making our final, final decisions for 2007. We're officially at 17 students and counselors. The question now becomes do we add three more to make it 22 (including Bryan and Mindy) or do we add more than that? It's a tough call. Hopefully we'll have something decided before the end of the Memorial Day Weekend....

Our plan is to meet with all the new and returning students and their parents on Sunday, June 3.

Bryan is working on securing the gym at American University for team practices in the weeks leading up to our departure and we're also planning several other meetings/outings between now and July 19.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hoops Sagrado 2007

We had our last round of Hoops interviews on Saturday the 12th and are busy making our final decisions about Hoops Sagrado 2007.

In addition to our four "counselors" we've already selected 10 students to join us this year and will be choosing six more. As soon as we get everyone selected and confirm that they will be joining us, we'll post a bit of information about who they are.

With only three returning students (minus the counselors of course) and a group that will be close to half boys and half girls, it's going to be an interesting summer in Guatemala and we really hope this blog will help you stay in touch with us.