Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hoops Sagrado vs. Pestalozzi

Once again this year Hoops Sagrado had the pleasure of playing against Pestalozzi--a private high school in Xela. We don't say pleasure because all the teams dominate when we play (although that doesn't hurt), but because the games and the activities afterwards represent the true spirit of what Hoops is all about.

Young Guns vs. Pestalozzi
Score: 44 to 23
Elvis: 3 points/1 assist/5 rebounds
Devonte: 8 points/2 assists/4 rebounds
Jerren: 1 point/2 assists/4 rebounds
Jordyn: 1 point/1 rebound
Malik: 16 points/11 rebounds
Mit'hat: 5 points/1 rebound
Tyler: 10 points/3 rebounds

Las Chicas vs. Pestalozzi
Score: 44 to 14
Alexis: 4 points/2 rebounds
Breezy: 10 points/1 assist
Carla: 2 points*/3 rebounds
Chanae: 4 points/3 rebounds
Imani: 1 rebound
Jordyn: 10 points/4 assists/1 rebound
Justine: 1 assist/4 rebounds
KK: 4 points/4 assists/3 rebounds
Tyler: 10 points/3 assists/1 rebound
*Congratulations to Carla for making her first bucket in Guatemala...wahoo!

Old Heads vs. Pestalozzi (teachers and alumni)
Score: 66 to 27 (for three quarters until Pestalozzi called no mas)Bryan: 24 points/5 assists/1 rebound
Diggs: 9 points/3 assists/1 rebound
Mit'hat: 13 points/6 assists/5 rebounds
Sam: 8 points/3 assists/8 rebounds
Shaq: 12 points/2 assits/9 rebounds

Hoops Sagrado vs. San Felipe

San Felipe is another coastal town that Hoops has started to share a nice rivalry with. Although not as hot as Reu, San Felipe stands out for its amazing chicharron. Even though all the chicharron stands were closed on this night of basketball, we made sure to make a special visit later in the trip to get some...fried pork fat... Sorry, Stat Girl got distracted.

Young Guns vs. San FelipeScore: 50 to 34
Elvis: 3 points/1 assist/6 rebounds
Devonte: 1 assist
Diggs: 13 points/7 rebounds
Jamal: 5 rebounds
Jerren: 4 points/2 assists/1 rebound
Malik: 10 points/1 assist/11 rebounds
Mit'hat: 8 points/5 assists/5 rebounds
Nate: 12 points/5 assists/1 rebound

Las Chicas vs. San Felilpe
Score: 41 to 34
Alexis: 3 rebounds
Breezy: 6 points/1 assist/4 rebounds
Carla: 2 rebounds
Chanae: 1 assit/8 rebounds
Jordyn: 9 points/4 assists/2 rebounds
Justine: 4 rebounds
Imani: 2 points/2 rebounds
KK: 8 points/5 assits/5 rebounds
Tyler: 15 points/3 assists/17 rebounds

Old Heads vs. San FelipeScore: 69 to 44
Aniekan: 4 points/4 assists/7 rebounds
Bryan: 14 points/5 assists/9 rebounds
Diggs: 6 points/2 assists/4 rebounds
Jerrod: 20 points/5 assists/4 rebounds
Mit'hat: 8 points/2 rebounds
Sam: 3 points/1 assist/3 rebounds
Shaq: 14 points/8 rebounds

Hoops Sagrado vs. Totonicopan

How else would you rather spend a Friday night than cheering on all three teams of the Hoops Sagrado Knights to victory?!?! Although there were no near fights this year, there was still some questionable reffing in Totonicopan (as there seems to be in many places where we play). The Old Heads were joined by our very good friend Hans who was so helpful with all of our basketball planning this year. We really couldn't have done it without him:

Young Guns vs. Totonicopan
Score: 57 to 54
Elvis: 7 points/1 assit/2 rebounds
Devonte: 10 points/3 assists/3 rebounds
Diggs: 5 points/1 rebound
Jamal: 7 points/ 1 rebound
Malik: 11 points/12 rebounds
Mit'hat: 11 points/3 assists/4 rebounds
Nate: 6 points/4 assists/2 rebounds

Las Chicas vs. Totonicopan (minus Jario's aunt)
Score: 46 to 35
Alexis: 2 rebounds
Breezy: 2 points/3 rebounds
Carla: 4 rebounds
Chanae: 2 points/1 rebound
Jordyn: 4 points/4 assists/1 rebound
Justine: 3 rebounds
KK: 6 points/4 assits/1 rebound
Tyler: 31 points/1 assist*/6 rebounds
* Stat Girl disputes the assist, but what does she know about basketball?!

Old Heads vs. Totonicopan
Score: 48 to 45
Bryan: 21 points/3 assists/3 rebounds
Devonte: 2 points/1 rebound
Diggs: 6 points/2 assists/2 rebounds
Hans: 1 assist/3 rebounds
Mit'hat: 3 points/3 assists/3 rebounds
Nate: 3 points/1 assist/3 rebounds
Sam: 9 points/5 assists/17 rebounds
Shaq: 4 points/8 rebounds

Hoops Sagrado vs. Palestina de los Altos

Hoops only played 2.5 games in Palestina because the sub-21 boys team for Palestina was more of a sub-12 team. The Young Guns did play a bit of an exhibition with the boys from Palestina beating them 14 to 12.

Las Chicas vs. Palestina
Score: 49 to 26
Alexis: 1 rebound
Breezy: 4 points/4 rebounds
Chanae: 4 rebounds
Imani: 4 points/2 rebounds
Jordyn: 15 points/3 assists
Justine: 5 rebounds
KK: 4 points/4 assists/3 rebounds
Tyler: 20 points/2 assists/12 rebounds

Old Heads vs. Palestina
Score: 72 to 37
Aniekan: 10 points/3 assists/2 rebounds
Bryan: 12 points/5 assists/1 rebound
Diggs: 3 points/2 assists/3 rebounds
Jerren: 2 points
Mit'hat: 3 points/1 assist/2 rebounds
Nate: 6 points/1 rebound
Sam: 5 points/3 assits/10 rebounds
Shaq: 15 points/5 rebounds
Stan: 16 points/3 assists/3 rebounds

Hoops Sagrado vs. Reu

Without a doubt the hottest spot in Guatemala, the gym at Reu served up another intense series of games with the Knights ending the evening 2 for 3.

Young Guns vs. Reu
Score: 43 to 52(Reu)
Elvis: 14 points/1 assit/1 rebound
Devonte: 12 points/4 assits
Diggs: 2 points
Jamal: 1 rebound
Jerren: 4 points/2 assists/3 rebounds
Malik: 2 points/12 rebounds
Mit'hat: 2 points/3 assits/3 rebounds
Nate: 7 points/3 assists/ 1 rebound

Las Chicas vs. Reu
Score 53-52 (overtime)
Alexis: 4 points/1 assist/3 rebounds
Breezy: 2 points/2 rebounds
Carla: 1 rebound
Chanae: 5 points/1 assist/6 rebounds
Imani: 1 rebound
Jordyn: 17 points/3 assists/1 rebound
KK: 15 points/3 assists/7 rebounds
Tyler: 10 points/3 assists/ 6 rebounds

Old Heads vs. Reu
Score: 52 to 50
Aniekan: 5 points/4 assists/6 rebounds
Bryan: 11 points/3 assists/7 rebounds
Diggs: 11 points/2 assists/3 rebounds
Mit'hat: 5 points/3 assists/5 rebounds
Sam: 8 points/2 assists/ 6 rebounds
Shaq: 3 points/8 rebounds
Stan: 9 points/2 assists/3 rebounds

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hoops Sagrado vs. D'Antoni

Visting the costal school of D'Antoni has become a Hoops Sagrado tradition and we were greated as warmly as the weather this year. We played four games against students and the teachers:

Las Chicas vs. D'Antoni (students)
Score: 22-18

Alexis: 1 assist/ 6 rebounds
Breezy: 2 points/ 1 assist/ 1 rebound
Carla: 1 rebound
Chanae: 3 rebounds
Imani: 2 rebouns
Jordyn: 6 points/ 2 assists/1 rebound
Justine: 3 rebounds
KK: 2 points/3 assists/3 rebounds
Tyler: 12 points/2 rebounds

Young Guns vs. D'Antoni (students)
Score: 37-16

Elvis: 3 points/1 assist/6 rebounds
Devonte: 10 points/3 assists/4 rebounds
Diggs: 1 rebound
Jamal: 3 rebounds
Jerren: 1 rebound
Malik: 13 points/10 rebounds
Mit'hat: 7 points/5 rebounds
Nate: 4 points/2 assists/1 rebound

Las Chicas vs. D'Antoni (teachers)
Score: 23-21

Alexis: 1 point/7 rebounds
Breezy: 4 points/1 rebound
Chanae: 2 points/2 rebounds
Imani: 3 rebounds
Jordyn: 6 points/1 assist/1 rebound
Justine: 2 rebounds
KK: 4 points/1 assist/3r ebounds
Tyler: 6 points/3 assists/8 rebounds

Old Heads vs. D'Antoni (teachers)
Score: 48 to 16

Aniekan: 6 points/1a ssist/3 rebounds
Bryan: 8 points/6 assists/2 rebounds
Diggs: 6 points/5 rebounds
Mit'hat: 3 points/2 assists
Nate: 4 points/1 rebound
Sam: 2 points/4 assists/5 rebounds
Shaq: 6 points/6 rebounds
Stan: 7 points/5 rebounds

Scores and Stats

We are woefully and shamefully behind in posting not only about the trip itself, but also about the games....Stat Girl is going to do her best to get all the game stats/ scores/highlights posted as soon as possible.

Teaching in Chuisic

(This year, as a fluent Spanish speaker, Carla decided to teach English three mornings per week in Chuisuc instead of studying Spanish with the other Hoops students. Here is an entry about her experiences.)

Teaching English in Chuisuc has been a great experience. The kids are very smart and have great attitudes.

I teach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (5th graders) and 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (6th graders). The classes give me the opportunity to talk the students more than the basketball camps and get to know more about their lives.

It is unbelievable the dedication and respect they have for learning, their teachers and their peers. This makes teaching easier for me, since I have to teach about 45 students per grade.

I just started teaching with 5th graders today and so far they are great. They have learned the alphabet and numbers 1-20. I have been teaching the 6th graders for about 3 weeks. They are very fun and we have a great time together. When I'm having a bad day or something, just talking to them makes so much better. They had their firs exam on the numbers 1-100 and all A's!

I am very thankful for the opportunity because I feel as if I'm helpth them better themselves by learning another language. I know that when the teaching period ends, I will most likel shed some tears because I'm going to miss my kids and we've made a connection and when it's time to say good-bye, it will be hard.

The Return of the Red Menance

You'll have to forgive us for not posting for a while, but our access to the Internet has been sporadic at best. Even though we are now all home, we'll try to do our best to fill in the gaps from the trip and go over the past week or so, starting with the finals of the Kid's tournament.

Day two of the Kid's Tournament saw the third place and championship match-ups. In the third place games it was the girls from Xejuyup vs. the girls from Chuisuc. Both teams put up a great battle and in the end it was the chicas from Chuisuc claming third place by a score of 9 to 4. In the third place boys game, things were a bit more uneven with the Pachaj boys basically dominating the boys from Chuisuc with the final score of 15 to 6.

In the girls championship game, the Red Devils from Chirjquiac once again took the top spot for the fifth time in six years by defeating the Pachaj girls 13 to 10. Perhaps it's because their Director Lucy is a ball herself, or maybe there is something in the water in Chirijquiac, but their girls really do seem to dominate every year.

The Chirijquiac boys did not seem to fair quite as well in the championship game falling to the boys from Xejuyup 10 to 7. Still, they put on a great effort in honor of their coach Stan who had to leave them (in capable hands we might add) after two weeks of coaching.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kid's Tournament: Day One

The two-day kid's tournament kicked off on Thursday and it was one for the record books.

The morning got starated with a parade of all the players and coaches up the winding dirt road to the village of Pachaj where the tournament is being held this year (although Chuisuc is hosting). After a handful of welcoming speeches and the pomp and circumstance of the Guatemalan national anthem, the games were ready to begin.

First up were the reigning girls' champions of Pachaj vs. last year's third place team Xejuyup. It quickly became apparent that Pachaj would once again be playing for the championship on Friday and Xejuyup in the third place game. In the end, it was Pachaj 21 and Xejuyup 5.

Next up were the boys of Chuisuc and Chirijquaic. It was a barn-burner of a game with the score deadlocked at zero at the half! Chiri was the first to break the points-scoring ice and never looked back, finally winning 5 to 1. At one point in the game referee Bryan could be heard comparing it to a soccer game...Stat Girl does not like this status.

The Christmas-themed match-ups continued in the third game with the Chuisuc girls (green) taking on the Chirijquiac girls (red). At first it looked as if the girls game between these two aldeas was going to suffere the same soccer fate as the boys game, but the red menance of old reared its head in the 2nd half and the Chiri girls won 19 to 2.

The final game of the day between Pachaj and Xejuyup boys will do down in the Hoops Sagrado record books. It was a scrappy match-up from teh get go and at the end of regulation the score was tied at 8. The first (yes, Stat Girl said first) overtime saw tempers beginning to flare both on the court and sidelines. Although referee Bryan usually lets a lot slide, when players start playing dirty and coaches start copmlaining about the reffing, he starts calling the game tighter and tighter depending on the level of complaints. Over #1 ended with the score dead-locked at 10. The second overtime was equally as intense, it not more so than the first, only wiht a different result. With less than 2 minutes to go, Xejyuup increased the score to 12-10 and although there were some scary moments in the final 90 seconds, they held on to make it the championship game against Chirijquiac.

On Friday, for the Championship:
Pachaj girls vs. Chirijquiac girls
Xejuyup boys vs. Chirijquiac boys

For Third Place:
Chuisuc girls vs. Xejuyup girls
Pachaj boys vs. Chuisuc boys

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Chanae, Imani, Jerren, Jerrod, Jordyn, Malik

This is my [Imani] second year at Pachaj, this year Pachaj has been very interesting. The girls and boys at camp come to greet us. Even some of the teachers stay and watch the kids play. Sometimes they even give us water. It surprises me how patient the kids can be.

To get to Pachaj, we have to take a microbus to the Rotunda and then a school bus to Pachaj. We arrive at camp at 3:30 and leave at 5 p.m. There is 6 people at Pachaj. There’s Chanae, Jerrod, Jordyn, Jerren, Malik and I (Imani).

Every year the girls and boys have to be cut, we don’t like to cut anyone in the 6th grade because it will be their last chance to play if they don’t get a scholarship.

There’s a lot of 6th graders in our camp this year, about 13 so we had to cut the girls down 3 so we would just have 10. Lately we have been teaching the boys and girls how to dribble, pass and use defense.

When we get the chance we talk to the kids about there life outside of basketball. Talking to one of the girls I found out that her father lives in the United States. I found this different because parents are willing to go to the states to provide better for their family back in Guatemala.

Yesterday, the girls played against the boys we went into overtime with two on both sides. Unfortunately the boys won but today there will be a rematch hopefully this time we’ll win.

We have a tournament with other camps soon. We won the tournament last year and we to reign supreme again. In Pachaj we teach and play together as a team. Jerrod, Malik and Jerren work on the boys while Jordyn, Chanae and myself work on the girls. Chanae and Malik are here for the first time, they came with an open mind ready to experience something new and different.

Even though it’s me, Jerren and Jerrod’s second year. It’s also Jordyn’s third year we all came ready to re-experience camp at Pachaj again. Well, we gotta get ready for this tournament. Til next time. GO PACHAJ!


Diggs, Justine, KK, Nate, Stan and Shaq

As first time visitors to Guatemala, Nate, KK and I [Justine] all feel that the children at our camp are a part of our family.

Our first time to the camp was very surprising. The trip itself was unexectped, yet very welcoming. The children all welcomed us and displayed their level of respect. As the first week came to an end, we knew that we had to cut 20 girls and 16 boys so that we can have an official team.

After we made the cuts, we then realized the amount of responsibilities that they had. Many of the children had to return to work so that they could support their family.

The experience is bittersweet. Nonetheless, we all enjoy the company of the children.