Sunday, May 31, 2009

Technically Speaking...

Another week, another victory for the Hoops Sagrado Knights with a 66 to 46 win over Make It Rain.

Despite the completely frenetic play of the Hoops players, the game got off to quite a slow start with the first bucket not coming till at least 3 minutes into the game. With a half-time score of 32-26, this looked like it could one of the lowest scoring games yet.

Bryan was on fire from the 3-point line with all of his 21 points coming as 3's. And Sam is showing that he's growing into a leadership role, by giving Bryan a run for his money as assist leader.

In one of the more bizarre moments in league play with a mere 6 seconds to go and Hoops comfortably up by 17 points, Dario was casually bringing the ball up court, killing time. Other players had started shaking hands as if the game were over, but with time running out, Dario pulled up and shot a 3 to put Hoops up by 20....hmmmmmm

And Stat Girl actually made the stats this week...early in the second half, Dario made a great run up the court almost, but not quite out of bounds...problem is the ref--who didn't even see the run, called Dario out-of-bounds...Let's just say Stat Girl had a few choice words for the ref and he immediately called a tech on the bench...jerk.

But Stat Girl digresses, so without further delay, here is the stat line from week five's victory against Make It Rain

This week's Stats:
Bryan: 21 points/9 assists/4 rebounds/1 steal
Jordyn: 4 points/1 assist/2 rebounds/ 1 steal
Tyler: 4 points/1 assist/ 1 steal
Anikean: 10 points/1.5 assists/5 rebounds
Dario: 9* points/16 rebounds/5 steals
Stan: 12 points/7 assists/3 rebounds/1 steal
Shaq: 6 rebounds
Sam: 6 points/8.5 assists/6 rebounds

The schedule for the remainder of the season is as follows (always subject to change of course):
Saturday, June 6 at 11:30 a.m. vs. Stacey's Team
Sunday, June 7 at 12:45 p.m. vs. Flight of the Airballs
Sunday, June 14 at 2 p.m. vs. SAIS Ballers
Saturday and Sunday June 20 & 21 Playoffs
Sunday June 28, 12 p.m. Championship game (Insha'Allah)

*Some have argued that Dario shouldn't be awarded that last three for what some might consider un-sportsmanlike conduct...but since the league scored the points, so too will we.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

This weekend served up two excellent opportunities to show that the girls can hold their own with the boys.

Although one had a more historical significance, the other, the Knights co-ed league game, was equally as entertaining.

With a huge game from Tyler, the only chica available to play this weekend, the Knights remain unbeaten with an 81-48 victory over Adam Morrison's 'Stache.

The game started off a bit questionably when Tyler was running late and it looked like Stat Girl was going to have to borrow a pair of sneakers from someone and get out on the court. Thankfully for all those involved, Allison, from Stacey's Team was able to don a Hoops jersey and join the game till Tyler was able to get there. Allison was a great asset for the three minutes she played and made the statline with two assists. (Thank you so much Allison!).

Perhaps it was the weather, maybe everyone got their Zoloft prescriptions refilled, but cooler heads prevailed this week and the Knights were about the best behaved I've ever seen. Not once that I can recall did anyone lose their minds over a call.

Stat Girl would like to give a special shout-out to Spencer Turner who got his own assist this weekend for helping out with the stats when Stat Girl had to deal with a quick emergency at the beginning of the second half.

There were plenty of steals (Jerrod with at least four), some fancy footwork and everyone got on the stat-sheet...all-in-all a great game.

This Weeks Stats
Bryan: 14 points/8.5 assists/4 rebounds
Stan: 8 points/2 assists/1 rebound
Tyler: 15 points/2.5 assists
Sam: 3 points/3.5 assists/4 rebounds
Dario: 17 points/3 assists/8 rebounds
Shaq: 10 points/1 assist/5 rebounds
Jerrod: 7 points/5 assists/2 rebounds
Anikean: 6 points/2 assists/4 rebounds
Allison: 2 assists

We're off this weekend for Memorial Day, but have two games the following weekend on Saturday May 30 and Sunday, May 31...I would list the times here, but as we all know, the league has a mind of its own and they would probably just get changed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day isn't the only word you can use after Mother...

After some starts, stops and confusion, the Hoops Sagrado Knights were back on the court this Sunday in the Balance co-ed league against newcomers Full Court Press.

Despite the fact that for the first time this season the Knights had a full squad including 7 hombres and 2 chicas, it probably was not the Knigts best performance.

But as they have proved time and time again, it's the final score that matters and the Knights are now 3-0 with a 73-58 victory.

The Knights went down early and stayed that way until 9.12 to go in the second half when they finally tied it up. With 7.28 to go in the game, they went up and never looked back.

Three weeks in, it's pretty obvious that the bad calls are par for the course and that the Balance co-ed league has it's own Joey Crawford (this is not a compliment). This week, Aniekan was the recipient of his liberal use of the technical (okay, so Aniekan deserved the tech, but did not deserve the foul call that precipitated the tech).

The fouling this week was a team effort with everyone but Bryan getting their name in the book for at least one (and sometimes four) fouls. Again, some deserved and several obviously not.

Despite some ridiculous elbowing by the other team, Las Chicas Jordyn and Tyler held their own and once again proved the Knights proud not only with their heart, but also their skills.

We were joined this week by Stan and he immediately made a huge difference scoring 14points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds. It's good to have him with us on Sundays.

The Knights always have the most vocal cheering squad and today they were lead by Momma Crocket and Bryan's grandfather Frank Hayes. They were a great addition to the bench.

Here is this weeks stat line:

Bryan: 4 points/8 assists/1 rebound (no fouls)
Stan: 14 points/ 4 assists/2 rebounds (4 fouls)
Sam: 4 points/ 2.5 assists/5 rebounds (2 fouls)
Dario: 9 points/1 assist/22 rebounds (2 fouls)
Jerrod: 14 points/ 1 assist/ 4 rebounds (3 fouls)
Shaq: 8 points/8 rebounds (3 fouls)
Aniekan: 8 points/2 rebounds (4 fouls)
Jordyn: 10 points/2 rebounds (2 fouls)
Tyler: 2 points/1 assist/1 rebound (1 foul)

Stat girl is working on steals and should have those added to the stat line next week.

Next up: Adam Morrison's Stache at 12:45 on Sunday, May 17.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Schedule Changes

The Knights league schedule has changed...

May 3--no game

May 10--2 p.m. vs. Full Court Press

May 17--12:45 p.m. vs. Adam Morrison's Stache

Memorial Day Weekend, no games

May 30--3:15 vs. Stacey's Team

May 31--3:15 vs. Make It Rain

June 7--12:45 vs. Flight of the Airballs

June 14--2 p.m. vs. SAIS Ballers