Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keepin' It 100

It was a busy weekend of games with three trips to the coast and one game in Xela (which we won't talk about on this blog). Our final trip was late Sunday afternoon to the town of Mazate.

The court at Mazate has to be one of the nicest onces that we've seen, it's also a bit off the beaten path, which is why there were very few spectators in attendance, which probably pleased the Young Guns and the Mazate Old Heads.

Young Guns 42 vs. Mazate 48
Despite their best efforts, unfortunately the Young Guns fell to the team from Mazate. Everyone gave it their best efforts, but the Mazate team (which also had a few over 21 players on it) prevailed in the end.

Brandon 17p/1a/17r
Jailen 7p/2r
Gibril 9p/1a/6r
Phillip 9p/2a/10r
Shanice 1r
Manny 2r

Old Heads 101 vs. Mazate 71
The theme of this year's trip is Hoops Sagrado: Keepin' it 100...and that's just what the Old Heads did by scoring 101 points against the team from Mazate. Everyone who played for the Old Heads scored giving Hoops its first "everybody eats" game of the trip.

Bryan 17p/7a/3r
Sam 10p/3a/4r
Aniekan 11p/2a/2r
Dario 15p/5a/10r
Josh 10p/3a/9r
Diggs 19p/1a/3r
Stan 7p/3a/5r
Phillip 2p/3a/4r
Brandon 10p/2r


Monday, August 1, 2011

Hoops Sagrado vs. San Felipe

San Felipe, about an hour and half from Xela is known for two things: chicharron and carnitas and losing to Hoops Sagrado! :)

Sadly, all the chicharron tiendas were closed by the time we hit town on Saturday night, but we were able to keep one of the traditions alive!

Young Guns 52 vs. San Felipe 44
At first glace we thought for sure that the Young Guns were going to be out-matched by the much taller group from San Felipe and while there were some close moments, the Young Guns held it together for an 8-point victory--a victory which included the scoring debut of Kia!**

Brandon 16p/6a/19r
Jailen 18p/1a/2r
Gibril 9p/2a/2r
Manny 3p/2r
Phillip 8p/7r
Kia 3p
Canethia 1r
Antar 1a/1r

Old Heads 78 vs. San Felipe 59
Things were a bit different from the start with the Old Heads clearly dominating the game against San Felipe. Despite the commanding lead, tempers flared amongs members of the Old Heads team with a few angry words tossed about, but fortunately no shoes were thrown. In the end, everyone kissed and made up the Old Heads won by almost 20**.

Bryan 13p/5a/2r
Sam 5p/1a/2r
Aniekan 8p/2a/3r
Josh 11p/4a/9r
Stan 4p/1a/1r
Diggs 7p/1a/3r
Dario 27p/4a/15r
Phillp 2p/2a/3r

**Apologies to all the Hoops Sagrado players as these stats may not tell the complete story since Stat Girl was also responsible for running the board for the both games.