Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A day at the beach

Tuesday was jam-packed, but fun-filled day! 

We started off by visiting our friend Pati's school in San Felipe. Pati has been a friend of the program for a very long time and she is the athletic director at the school. The morning kicked off with
introductions, speeches and dances and singing by the students in San Felipe. There were then three short games of basketball with the Hoops Sagrado folks teaming up with students and teachers from San Felipe to form teams. It was a great way to be able to play some basketball!
During and after the games is when a lot of the fun happens at San Felipe because every year, the students seek out the Hoops Sagrado students for their autographs and photos. I'm never really sure whether our students are amused or overwhelmed by the whole thing, but they all seem to take it in stride.

After the games and autographs we loaded up the bus and headed to the beach for an afternoon of sun, fun and food (photos below).

Back in 2007 we had a bus that broke down on pretty much every trip we took. We had been fairly lucky since then, until last night. On the way home our bus broke down and no matter the efforts of our great friend and driver Gato, it just wasn't going anywhere. While we were waiting for another bus to come and pick us up from the side of a volcano, the students entertained themselves by singing everything from the National Anthem (proud of them for knowing all the lyrics) to Christmas carols! What could have been an annoying end to a great day, turned out to be pretty OK after all.

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