Sunday, August 9, 2015

Night boat

On Saturday we packed up our bags and said good-bye to our temporary families and left Xela for a couple of days at Lago de Atitlan before our Tuesday morning flight.

After wending our way through the Guatemalan countryside, we descended to the Lake. It's always fun to watch the reaction of first-time students because it really is gorgeous. Hopefully for you parents reading, your students took some good photos, but I do suspect more than a few of them were sleeping.

We had just about an hour before we had to catch a boat across the Lake to San Pedro for three games under the lights. While San Pedro has become rather touristy, our game was held up the hill (it's a really steep hill) in less a touristy area where most of the residents of San Pedro actually live and work.

With apologies to the parents/friends/supporters and students, "Stat Girl" did not keep stats for the Hoops Sagrado young team or the Hoops women's team. She tried, but sometimes life gets in the way. That being said, the Hoops Sagrado young team won 44-24 and the Hoops women's team won as well.

And while we did keep stats for the Hoops Sagrado Mixto team, the lighting was so bad and there were so many folks coming and going that we know we missed a lot of assists and rebounds as well as a few points for sure so we won't even post those. The Hoops Sagrado Mixto team did win by at least 10 points. A special shout out to "Last Ride" Deon Diggs for his 18 (probably more) points.

Following the games, we took a night boat across the Lake. Boats don't typically cross the Lake after dark, especially at 10:30pm, so it was a treat to be able to do it. It's Sunday now and the students have spent their day shopping...hopefully they are buying good stuff for all of you back at home.

Josh took the wheel and we lived to tell about it!

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