Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friday night lights

We'll get back to posting about the camps on Monday (someone didn't finish writing there's up...ahem!), but in the mean time there was basketball!

We didn't do our typical Friday night cena at the team house, instead we loaded up the bus and headed down the mountains to the coastal town of Reu (Retalhuleu is the full name, but everyone just calls it Reu) for three games.
With dusk fast approaching and bats flying overhead in the gym (I suspect some of the Hoopsters didn't realize they were bats otherwise there would have been some angst), the young guys team kicked things off. The young guys took a fairly significant lead, but blew it in the second period and then it was sort of touch and go from there, however they ultimately prevailed with a 55-51 win. It was a good game (Alec 13P/2A/10R; Los 4P/2A/2R; Manny 6P/4R; Ronnie 2P/1A/6R; Renard 2P/2R; Kevin 2P; Demani 7P/2A; Xander 5P/6R; Christian 2P/2A/6R; Djeder 6P/3A/3R; Jesse 2P; Max 1R).

The Hoops women's team, without a doubt, had the best game of the night. It was fast-paced and exciting till the very end. Mackenzie had an amazing steal at the end of the game that helped Hoops keep the ball with the clock winding down. The final score was 56-52 (KayKay 14P/5A/4R; Tee 30P/2A/10R; Tevanah 12P/3A/4R; Mackenzie 2A/6R; Malaika 1A/3R). Way to go ladies!

And last, but certainly not least was the men's game. For the first time the men's team was joined by Josh, Stan, Alex and Michael. Josh and Alex are with us through the end of the trip and Stan, a Hoops alumnus and Michael are here for about a week. The men's game was never even really all that close with the Hoops Sagrado men defeating Reu 65 to 50 (Bryan 15P/2A/8R; Diggs 6P/4R; Malik 4P/8R; Josh 3A/6R; Alex 9P/2A/2R; Stan 7P/2A/5R; Michael 5P/3A/1R; Demani 4P/4A; Renard 3P/1A/6R; Kevin 13P/1A/1R).

After the games it was time to load up the bus and head back up the mountain to the cooler climes of Xela! Whew!

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